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Week 6 Picks: Atlanta

Welcome back race fans! Week 6 of the NASCAR season is here and we are going to one of my favorite tracks, Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Atlanta is an awesome track because the asphalt is very old and very abrasive. Grip will be at a premium tomorrow, and saving tires will be a must for these drivers to get the job done. As far as picks go, those are the two things that I am going to remember whether I am putting a bet slip of possible winners together, and/or if I am throwing together a daily fantasy roster or two.

Who Am I Betting?

Over the last four years, only two drivers have won on this track at the cup level. Kevin Harvick +600 and Brad Keselowski +750. These guys have absolutely dominated at Atlanta and have led well over 60% of the laps since 2017. I look for both of these guys to run well Sunday and have a really good chance to pull off the victory in the end. Let me tell you why...

Right off the bat, Kevin Harvick is an absolute force at this race track. Think of it this way, in the last 10 races at Atlanta, Harvick has led over 100 laps in 8 of those races. That #4 driver has a way of getting around the bottom of this race track, and no one else has seemed to figure it out. "Happy" Harvick hasn't had a ton of speed so far in 2021, but we all know that it is going to click sooner or later. Leave this guy off your bet slip this week, and regret it come tomorrow night.

Okay, so Bad Brad has been fast as shit at this track in his own right. He may not have the lap leading statistics of Harvick, but he has the same amount of wins and top 10 finishes. More importantly, Brad K has been one of the drivers that I have had my eye on all season. He has been getting faster every week, and he has a win coming here in the first quarter of the season. It might as well be this week.

I think that I have noted this before, but I am a pretty big Martin Truex Jr. +650 fan. Leaving him off of my bet slip hurt last week and I will not make the same mistake again this week. There is nothing worse than being happy about your guy winning, and then realizing that you could have won some big money off the sportsbook if you had only bet him. However, if I would have bet on Marty last week, I'm sure he wouldn't have won, so I will leave it to that.

One more driver that I refuse to leave off of my bet slip this week, none other than "Yung Money" Kyle Larson +700. I have been watching Kyle run his late model over the last couple days at Bristol, and the kid is unreal. No one on this planet has the driving talent that Larson has, and I will take that to my grave. Also, Larson is no slouch at Atlanta. He has had some trouble in the past with tire management, but no one is better at finding grip. There's a decent chance he gets it done today.

*Side note... I also threw some money on the #5 to win the Championship this year. Wouldn't that be something.

My "Sprinkle of the Week" is going to go to Christopher Bell +2500. Bell is another dirt guy who can really work at finding the grip. Not to mention, it just might be second to Larson as far as young, up-and-coming talent goes. Look for him to run towards the front and possibly be in the running at the end of the race.


I have a little bonus pick for the folks that are feeling really saucy with their money after nabbing the latest stimulus check. Since the trucks and Xfinity cars are running a double header today, and cup is running tomorrow, I decided to put together a little 3-race parlay for the boys. We shall call it my, drumroll please, Pray for Pay Parlay. This won't be something that I do every week, but I would like to try and give it a shot to see if we can hit one or two. Small risk bets, for big rewards are my favorite bets.

Bets of the Week

Kevin Harvick +600

Brad Keselowski +750

Kyle Larson +700

Sprinkle of the Week

Christopher Bell +2500

Pray for Pay Parlay

Trucks- Kyle Busch -130

Xfinity- Martin Truex Jr. +190

Cup- Kyle Larson +700

Final Payout +3924

Daily Fantasy Lineup (FanDuel)

K. Harvick $14000

K. Larson $12500

K. Busch $10700

T. Reddick $7500

M. McDowell $5000

Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to check out the blogs! This morning we had a blog go over 1500 views for the first time. I know its not quite viral, but it feels like it to me. I appreciate each and every one of you!

Please Gamble Responsibly. God Bless.

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