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Week 11: Kansas

Welcome back fellow NASCAR fans and degenerate gamblers! We made it to week 11 as the NASCAR Cup and Truck Series head to Kansas Speedway for another big race weekend. I want to apologize to everyone for missing last week. We (My Fiance and I) had a very busy weekend that followed a very busy work week for me. We actually took a short trip up to NY, for a really short ceremony, and we got to watch my extremely short friend get hitched. It was an awesome time and a beautiful wedding.

Actually, I am kind of glad that I didn't come on here and waste all of your time spewing out gambling picks last weekend. Superspeedway races are by far my least favorite to choose from when it comes to betting. The ending is always a crap shoot, and in my opinion, the races are way too fucking long. As a matter of fact, they are so bad that I usually fall asleep somewhere during the second stage, and then I wake up as they are doing post race interviews just to find out all of the exciting passes and crashes that I missed. No thank you.

Speaking of my picks lately, if you have been following along, I have had a really frustrating season so far. It seems like every damn week, the three main guys that I bet on are either dominating the race or they are running in the top 5 all day long. There has even been a couple times that I have started to spend my winnings before the end because of how confident I am. News Flash! I haven't won one. "Don't count your money when you're sitting at the table, there'll be time enough for countin', when the dealings done..." Thanks Willie. Smoke another one.

Who Am I Betting?

Now that that is all said, lets move on to who I am throwing money at this week. If I was smart, I would type up this entire blog filled with all of the reasons why I think the following three drivers will dominate this week. After that, I would delete every fricken word and pull drivers' names out of a hat and bet those guys. I won't do that though, this is the week where it all turns around.

Denny Hamlin +550 almost has to win this week. This dude has dominated races, thrown races away, and finished in the top five almost every single week. Also, This is a very good track for ol' DH. In 10 races this year, Denny has 8 top fives, and has an average finish of 7. Crazy ass stats for a driver that hasn't won yet. I must also mention that the #11 won the Kansas spring race last year. He has three wins total at this track in his career, and 8 top fives. This could very well be the week he finally gets the job done.

The next two drivers on my list this week should have just as good of a chance as Denny. I am also going to bet Kyle Larson +650, and Chase Elliott +900 this week. Now, I will get to their individual stats at Kansas in a second, but how about that team of young Hendrick drivers this season? If I had to make odds for Las Vegas at the beginning of the 2021 racing season, I would have put them at about one billion to 1 that three out of the four Hendrick drivers would have wins before the likes of Harvick, Hamlin, and Kyle Busch. Chase is the only one of the 4 young guns not to win, and he has thrown a couple of races away himself this year.

As far as racing at Kansas goes, this is a great track for Yung Money Kyle Larson. Larson has four top 5's at this track, and has won a couple of stages. He also dominated a race at Kansas in 2018 before he threw the race away because of a combination of mistakes by him and his pit crew. Let me remind you that this was all in equipment that was much inferior to what he is driving in now. If Kyle Larson can dominate and get top fives in the Chip Ganassi #42, he sure as hell can win this weekend in the #5.

Now, Chase Elliott has been lucky enough to have raced for Rick Hendrick and Jeff Gordon his entire career. With that team, he has put up some pretty impressive numbers himself at this race track. In exactly ten starts at Kansas in the NASCAR Cup series, Elliott has one win, six top tens, and an average finish of 11th. He also had a few races where he led a good amount of laps and has multiple stage wins to boot. Look for Chase to get on the board with a win this weekend because he's been very fast, and he needs it just as bad as the before mentioned Hamlin does.

Some other drivers that won't be on my bet slip this week, but would not be bad picks on any slip are to follow, stats included:

Kevin Harvick 3 wins 11 top fives AVG Finish 9

Martin Truex Jr. 2 wins 9 top fives AVG Finish 13

Kyle Busch 1 win, 8 top fives AVG Finish 15

Joey Logano 3 wins, 8 top fives AVG Finish 17

Sprinkle of the Week

Speaking of guys that have been pretty bad ass at Kansas, Kurt Busch +3500 runs very well at this race track and could very well add to the crazy list of winners that has been so far in 2021. If he does it, he is going to make his bettors a good chunk of change. With that being said, Kurt has never won at Kansas. He has 4 top fives in his career in Kansas, and he has an average finish of 15 in 30 starts. However, he has had some dominating performances here himself, and has never finished outside of the top 10 at this track in the Ganassi #1 car. It wouldn't surprise me one bit to see Kurt crowd surfing on top of his crew members at the end of Sunday's race.

Who I'm Betting

Denny Hamlin +550

Kyle Larson +650

Chase Elliott +900

Sprinkle of the Week

Kurt Busch +3500

Pray for Pay Parlay

Kyle Busch -110 (Truck)

Denny Hamlin +550 (Cup)

Daily Fantasy Lineup (FanDuel)

M. Truex Jr. $13,000

J. Logano $12,000

A. Bowman $9,200

Kurt Busch $8,700

D. Suarez $5,800

Thanks again to everyone that is reading my blogs, and supporting this new blog site. I look forward to the future and plan on pumping out more and more content as I learn to manage my time amidst a crazy busy life as it is. Keep a look out for an NFL draft analysis blog in the near future, and we are still working hard at getting our shit together enough to start podcasting. We are also working on creating some pages on a few of your favorite social media apps so that we can do some more fun things with content. I appreciate you all more than you will ever know! God Bless and good luck this weekend.

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