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Logano Blocks, DeJa Vu in Daytona

Oh Joey, Joey, Joey. You've done it again. Seriously folks, how many superspeedway races will we have to watch in a row, where this little skinny weasel faced punk (soon to come, top 5 most punchable faces in NASCAR blog) takes out the lead pack with a stupid block? This gives me some serious Deja Vu and takes me back just a year ago, when Logano's teammate, Brad Kesolowski (also a strong candidate for the punchable face list), was bitching about his teammates stupid blocks in one of the clash races. I am getting sick and tired of these races ending the same way, at the hands of the 22 driver.

This is how, what seems like the last 3 years worth of, NASCAR Cup superspeedway races have gone for me.

-Holy Shit! We made it to 10 laps to go! This is where they will start to jump out of line and do some racing...

-OooooooooOO Logano is leading again, he always finds himself in good position at the end of these races.

*Realizing what is about to happen.

-Ya know, the car behind Joey better do the high, low, Cole Trickle move because if not, its gonna be bad...

-Here they come! They are getting a run.

*Logano throws huge block and wrecks 80% of the top ten, usually includes my driver.

-Welp! There it was. Logano wrecked everyone, can't wait to hear his excuse in the interview.

And we wait, the excuse is coming. What will it be this time? An apology? An admitted mistake? Lets see....

Reporter- "Pretty big wreck out there Joey, its a shame because it seemed like you were in a position to at least pull off a top 5 finish. What happened?"

Logano- "Oh IDK... Pandemonium."

Fucking riveting Joey!

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