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JJ Watt wants to be a Cleveland Brown

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! JJ Watt has gone off of the deep end! He came out publicly yesterday and had the balls to proclaim that he is leaning towards playing for the Cleveland Browns next season. He says that he wants to play for a team who can contend for a Super Bowl ring. As a matter of fact, JJ should hire someone to carry the apparently humongous set of sperm holders swinging between his legs, or maybe just an anti-risk coach.

Hear me out, I like JJ, but does anything scream CTE more than actually admitting that you want to play for the Browns? JJ and I are about the same age, has he been watching a different organization than I have for the last 20 years?

The Browns would be quite scary with JJ Watt on one end of the DL accompanied by Myles Garrett on the other, but how many free agents have the Browns tricked into believing that they were a contender over the years? I can think of quite a few in no particular order;

-Odell Beckham Jr

-Ben Watson

-Jamal Lewis

-Karlos Dansby

-Andrew Hawkins

-Donte Whitmer

-David Patten

-Scott Fujita

-Robert Griffith

-Dimitri Patterson

-Donte Stallworth

-Andre Risen

-Joe Jurevicous

-Eric Steinbach

Okay I think you got the hint. That's quite a few names that were lured in and told that there was a chance to get a ring. The funny thing is, that's not even half of them. I can just hear ol' Eric Mangini now, "Oh yeah boys, time to get some finger jewelry". WRONG, this is Cleveland people, and LeBron hung up his football cleats many years ago.

We've established that the list of "big name" free agents, thirsty for a Super Bowl but instead getting their career's death bed, is very long. But did you notice a few names missing from the list? That's right, no quarterbacks. Don't even get me started on the list of talented QBs that have come to Cleveland to kill their career.

This picture sums up the QB problems, and posting it may prevent me from getting carpal tunnel in the near future.

Since 1994 (27 years ago), the Browns have had 3 winning seasons, one being last year.

GOOD FOOTBALL PLAYERS DIE IN CLEVELAND. It's a fact, and if you don't believe me, wait and see. If 99 is taking snaps in that shitty orange and brown uniform next year, he will be just another lost talent added to the long list of ghosts who died in Cleveland.

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